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Personal Injury

An injury caused by someone else can happen in an instant but recuperation and recovery can be a lengthy process. Our experienced personal injury…read more


Worker's Compensation

On the job injuries can happen in any workplace. Virginia law contains specific requirements that must be met before workers can be covered by the workers’ compensation law. Some of these…read more


Divorce & Custody

A divorce is often one of the most stressful things one will ever experience. There are numerous issues to consider, and emotions are at their highest. The attorneys at ReidGoodwin… read more


Criminal Charges

In addition to the potential loss of freedom, people charged with criminal offenses face the possibility of loss of a job or career, being separated…read more


Civil Disputes

Unfortunately, there are times when a dispute cannot be resolved without legal intervention. When that happens, the attorneys at ReidGoodwin can help… read more


Traffic Tickets/DUI

There’s a lot riding on the outcome of DUI and other serious traffic charges. Mandatory jail sentences, fines and ignition interlock, loss of operator’s license… read more

About Us

ReidGoodwin is a firm dedicated to guiding people through difficult legal issues. Our attorneys and staff understand that every encounter with any area of the law presents questions, concerns, and risks.

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