Premise Liability (Slip and Fall)

Slip and Fall

Premise liability or “Slip and Fall” cases arise from a property owner’s failure to provide and maintain their property in a reasonably safe condition to prevent injuries, which includes performing regular inspections to remedy dangerous conditions. These hazardous conditions can include uneven or crumbling pavements, standing liquid on the floor, failure to clear snow and ice, falling objects, inadequate security, improper maintenance, even dog bites/attacks on an owner’s property.

When a person comes on to a property that is not theirs they can be considered a trespasser, an invitee or a licensee. A “trespasser” is someone who is present on the owner’s property without the invitation or consent of the property owner. When a property owner has extended an expressed or implied invitation, like a business open to the public, that person entering the property is considered an “invitee”. A “licensee” is a person who has the consent of the land owner to enter the property for non-business purposes, like a social visit. Invitees and licensees are protected under Virginia’s premise liability laws.

Victims in premise liability or slip and fall cases often face serious injuries, including sprains, broken bones, torn ligaments, head injuries and even death. Victims may face staggering medical bills, lost wages and painful recovery. Under Virginia law, victims may be entitled to receive relief for these damages, including reimbursement of medical bills, loss wages, mileage and compensation for pain and suffering.

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Property owners or insurance providers try to convince you that you are somehow at fault for your injuries. Unless a dangerous condition is open and obvious, you generally have the right to reasonably assume that a premises is safe – while a little bit of situational awareness can go a long way, the law certainly does not require that you be on constant alert for dangerous conditions.

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